EP 01 WA’s Lack of Vision and Big Ideas with Cam Sinclair

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Let’s admit it. 


Western Australia is a rich resource state in terms of oil, gas, and iron ore. We depend so much on these resources that we become comfortable and stagnant. 


The truth is that these exports won’t be as valuable as they are today in the next five to ten years. 


There’s a need to transition to a more sustainable industry that requires tapping into another resource. But WA has not set a vision or a long-term plan to achieve it. 


In today’s pilot episode of The Best In The West, Cam Sinclair of Ammo Marketing joins me to discuss a vacuum of vision and big, bold ideas that both the state and the people can do to change our future. We also dive into entrepreneurship as a viable career path in WA and other fantastic ways for attracting more businesses to the state. 


If you’re looking to build a business or working with the government, listen to this podcast as we give some big thinking that you need to hear.


Discussion Points:


0:00 Introduction 

4:03 Problem and opportunities in WA’s economy 

6:29 Why the state became comfortable and stagnant 

8:01 The merry-go-round way of business in WA

9:38 Making use of human talent to innovate 

11:00 WA’s lack of vision 

13:18 Israel’s transition to alternative resources
14:33 Businesses moving out of WA

16:26 Obstacles in having a long-term vision 

19:57 The impacts that WA may face in the future 

22:33 Reinforcing entrepreneurship in WA 

25:10 WA’s strength as a place for business and entrepreneurs 

29:15 Cam’s great idea to change the future of WA 


33:10 Commit to learning all the time 


About The Guest


Cam Sinclair is the Founder, Director, and Marketeer of Ammo Marketing and a former campaign manager for the liberal party in Western Australia. He personally led the digital marketing campaign for Basil Zempilas to become the 56th lord mayor of Perth. Cam also hosts his podcast show “Weird Growth,” which features the strange and unpredictable growth journey of startup founders.





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