EP 02 – Busselton’s New Underwater Observatory with Cameron Stirling

Busselton’s New Underwater Observatory
with Cameron Stirling

Innovative tourist spots in WA make the state more attractive for business and tourism. 

Busselton’s New Underwater Observatory is one of those attractions.

This fantastic work is already getting heaps of global recognition and everyone’s excitement as it’s closer and more convenient than your traditional Dunsborough Margaret River getaways. 

Today, I’m chatting with Cameron Stirling, the CEO of Subcon, to walk us through this beautiful tender that they have won. We also discuss the design and amenities of the observatory itself, the engineering challenges they’ve had to overcome, and the economic impact it will have on Busselton as a whole. 

Looking for a perfect place to visit on weekends? Check out this episode and be the first to discover what lies beneath the Busselton Jetty. 

Discussion Points:

00:00 Introduction 

03:54 Subcon’s background

04:58 The new underwater observatory in Busselton 

06:30 Amenities of the underwater observatory 

07:53 What the new underwater observatory looks like 

11:28 The challenges that come across in building the observatory

14:40 The design inspiration of the underwater observatory 

15:45 Economic impacts it will have on Busselton 

17:38 New and upcoming coastal projects and tourist attractions

23:18 Comparison between working in WA vs. abroad 

27:38 WA’s propensity to innovate 

30:13 Staying agile to changes 

33:41 Kinds of clients that Subcon has worked with 

About The Guest

Cameron Stirling is the CEO of Subcon, an innovative business based in Western Australia specialized in designing subsea structures, coastal stabilisation, and engineered reefs. Started in the oil and gas industry, his company has grown and worked with different clients across Asia and Europe. Cameron and his team have won the tender for the new underwater observatory in Busselton that will be open to the public soon. 

Get in touch with Cameron and his team at https://www.subcon.com/


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