EP 02 – Busselton’s New Underwater Observatory with Cameron Stirling

Australia and Western Australia are considered expensive places to build businesses. 


One of the key drivers of this issue is payroll tax. 


It’s a strange tax that only WA has. If income tax is attached to profit, the payroll tax is attached to the right to employ people, which puts small and medium-sized businesses at a competitive disadvantage to expand. 


Today, I have Bill Withers, the Founder of Adapt by Design, shed some light on the origin, purposes, and amount of revenue the government is getting from payroll tax. We also discuss the actionable solutions he has in mind to help the government transition off of it to attract and encourage more businesses to base themselves in WA. 


Find out more about payroll tax and its impacts by listening to this episode.


Discussion Points:

00:00 Introduction

05:10 History around where payroll tax came from

08:09 Payroll tax penalising employers

10:22 Incremental government changes

12:32 Payroll tax promoting offshore employment

15:28 Encouraging businesses to be domiciled in Western Australia

15:52 Revenue that payroll tax contributes

17:50 Collaboration between industry and government to design an exit plan

19:33 Impacts of payroll tax on the small business

21:13 Empowering start-ups and new businesses to flourish

22:25 Payroll tax as a barrier to entry for venture capitalist companies

25:21 Businesses not being set up to succeed

27:50 The potential solution

29:43 What to say to a politician about bringing in a forward

32:55 Promoting setting conditions for technology companies


About The Guest

Bill Withers is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and scaled three different companies in Western Australia. Bill is the founder and entrepreneur leader of a company called ADAPT by Design. A platform that helps businesses put systems in place to help them grow. Bill has the statistics on why businesses fail in Western Australia, which is a reason why many business owners choose Bill and ADAPT by Design as the go to solution for when they need taking the next step forward in their business. 

Where to get in touch with Bill: https://www.adaptbydesign.com.au/



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