EP 26 – Taj Started His First Business at 9 Years Old and Sold It for an “Undisclosed” Amount at 13

Taj Started His First Business at 9 Years Old and Sold It for an “Undisclosed” Amount at 13

In today’s epsiode, we’ve got the CEO of the ASC group Taj Pabari. Taj has got a great story. 

Taj is currently one of Australia’s youngest and most successful social entrepreneurs. Taj started his first business at just nine years old and made an exit at 13 and has been an entrepreneur ever since.

Taj takes us through his entrepreneurial journey, sharing insights into what he has learn’t and how he now makes it his mission to help young people become digitally literate.

If you’re a young person where the traditional path of tertiary education and being an employee is not for you or you’re someone who is looking to become more digitally literate and want to improve upon your social skills then this is the episode for you.

In the episode, you'll find out about

  1. How Taj came to start the ASE Group
  2. Why Taj believes that university isn’t the be-all and end-all 
  3. The successes and failures Taj has learnt in his business journey
  4. Why communication was one of the most important skills that Taj had to learn 

And more…

Discussion points

00:00 – Intro

03:23 Where Taj’s entrepreneurial journey started

04:27 – Taj’s first taste of entrepreneurship 

09:04 – Taj’s transition into creating his own tech with Fiftysix Creations

11:06 – The struggles Taj had with Fiftysix Creations 

16:47 – Taj’s next steps following the closure of Fiftysix 

19:40 – How Taj pivoted to starting the ASE Group

20:40 – What the ASE Group does 

22:44 – Taj’s personal transformation

25:05 – What Taj thinks is the biggest problem with education today

31:14 – How children from traditional families can overcome parental expectations for what they should be when they enter the workforce 

33:21 – Where people can go to learn about the ASE Group 

About the guest

Taj Pabari MASE is a social entrepreneur who is one of Australia’s youngest and most successful.

He is the CEO of The ASE Group, a community-led and mission-driven social enterprise that provides education, entrepreneurship, and employment opportunities to young people aged 5 to 24. For more than 100,000 young people, ASE has partnered with the government, the private sector, and educational institutions to provide real and authentic entrepreneurial education.

Taj was selected the 2014 Australian Young Innovator of the Year, an honour bestowed on Australia’s most promising innovators and rising stars. Taj was named Queensland’s Young Australian of the Year in 2017. He is the award’s youngest recipient since its inception in 1979.

Taj’s expertise in education and youth entrepreneurship has led to him speaking at schools, conferences, festivals, and business occasions all around the world. He has appeared on Channels 9 and 10 as an education pundit. He’s given three TEDx lectures and shared the stage with Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt at the World Science Festival.


The episode

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