EP 27 – How Delorean Corporation Started, Scaled, Listed & Are Now Changing the Energy Market in Western Australia

How Delorean Corporation Started, Scaled, Listed & Are Now Changing the Energy Market in Western Australia Forever

On the podcast today, we have the managing director of Delorean Corporation Joe Oliver. The Delorean Corporation is the only ASX-listed company leading with bioenergy and commercial production of renewable gas in the form of bio methane.

The Delorean Corporation has grown from zero to being listed on the ASX within a matter of years.

In this episode, we’re going to hear about Joe’s story of founding Delorean Corporationalong with explaining what Delorean Coporation does  in terms of turning waste into energy.

If you’re a business owner in Western Australia who is after some inspiration from a business listed on the ASX, then this episode is definitely worth a listen. 

In the episode, you'll find out about

1. How Delorean Corporation gained momentum as a business

2. How Joe grew Delorean Corporation to get listed on the ASX

3. The gap in the market for renewable gas in Australia

4. The challenges Joe faced when establishing Delorean Corporation

And more…

Discussion points

00:00 – Intro

03:02 – What the Delorean Corporation does

05:40 – What Joe was doing in the UK before he came to Australia

06:14 – Why Joe moved from the UK to Perth

06:54 – The first struggle Joe came across in establishing the Delorean Corporation 

08:56 – Joe’s personal struggles with moving from the UK to Perth to starting a one person business

13:36 – The turning point where Delorean was able to improve its trajectory and gain momentum as a business

15:48 – The plan for Delorean’s future growth

17:01 – The issues Joe had with getting Delorean listed on the ASX

18:50 – Joe’s achvements personally and across the business

20:13 – How Delorean has changed from a where person business to where it is now 

21:32 – How Joe has changed from where he started to where he is now in being managing director at Delorean

22:27 – What Joe sees as the biggest problem Western Australia is facing in business

24:26 – The home of bioenergy

25:37 – The possibilities of growing Delorean and staying within Western Australia

26:48 – What Joe would want to see from the West Australian government to make doing business easier

27:47 – The advice Joe would give to other business owners looking to replicate Deloreans success

29:26 – What sort of people Joe is looking to hire with Delorean

About the guest

Joe Oliver is Delorean Corporation’s Managing Director. Joe holds an Electrical and Electrical Engineering Higher National Dipolima Conversion. Joe has a broad understanding of the renweable energy industry and has led bioenergy projects from site selection and purchase to development approval and financial closing. 

Joe is a highly motivated, pragmatic and hardworking individual with a demonstrated track record of over twelve years of practical and professional engineering expertise. Joe has spent over fifteen yearsin the anaerobic digestion business, where he has gained a thorough understanding of the overall process and improved enginerring skills. 

Joe has successfully project-managed high-profile projects, delivering sites onschedule and within rigorous timelines. Joe has honed his communication abilities to effectively collaborate with team members, outside contractors, clients, and other essential stakeholders. 


The episode

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