EP 28 – Decoding the Health Sector in Western Australia with Dr. Neale Fong

Decoding the Health Sector in Western Australia with Dr. Neale Fong

Welcome back to another episode of the pod. In this episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Neale Fong and if the name sounds familiar there may be a couple of reasons why. 

Neale has had an extensive career within the medical field here in Western Australia along with a past career in sports as a footballer and former Australian rules football administrator. 

Today, Neale is the current Chairman of Bethesda Hospital and Professor of Healthcare Leadership at Curtin University. Previously, he was Director-General of the WA Department of Health and Chief Executive Officer of St John of God Health Care Subiaco. 

There’s no question that Neale was the perfect guest to bring on to decode and discuss our health sector in Western Australia.

In the episode, you'll find out about

  1. Neale’s career journey within football and healthcare 
  2. The obstacles in the way of improving Western Australia’s healthcare sector 
  3. Hysteria and public opinions surrounding pandemics 
  4. The importance of leadership within the healthcare workforce

And more…

Discussion points

00:00 – Intro

05:44 What Neale was looking to achieve coming out of university from his medical career

09:04 – Dr. Neale’s takeaway fro  being in the tranches of both the HIV and Covid panemcis 

11:27 – The stigmatisation Neale faced when working with HIV patients 

12:36 – Dr. Neale’s goals when working in healthcare management

13:36 – The most difficult time in Neale’s career

14:21 – The importance of mentorship in the workplace 

16:40 – Dr. Neale’s successes throughout his career 

20:00 – Dr. Neale’s personal growth and self awareness

22:02 – Dr. Neale’s goals for football 

24:22 – The biggest problem with the healthcare sector in Western Australia

26:08 – The infrastructure of our healthcare system 

27:44 – The impacts on healthcare if we don’t have the needed resources

28:44 – The solutions for improving Western Australia’s healthcare sector

About the guest

Dr. Neale Fong is a businessman, a chaplain for the Church of Christ, and a former Australian rules football administrator and public servant in Perth, Western Australia. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Bethesda Health Care as of 2020, as well as the Chair of the Western Australian Country Health Service Board, the Managing Director of his own consulting firm, and a director of other health corporations. He is the founder of Australias Health Advisory, a management consulting firm with a lengthy history of working with state, territory, and Commonwealth governments, as well as private and non-profit health organisations.


The episode

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