A Word From Cian

Welcome to my website. It’s awesome to have you here.

There is video at the end of this page about my story – Check it out if your interested.

I just want to say right now so you can relax, I am selling absolutely nothing. There is no marketing funnel, no upsell or downsell whatsoever. I own a company called Quantum Contract Solutions and that’s how I make my money. If you own a Construction Subcontracting business, perhaps I could help you over there 🙂

Infact, one of the main reasons I started this site and the podcast is because of my experiences of being a business owner in WA.

My business is fully online and expanding overseas. My competitors base themselves in low tax, easy to do business countries like Singapore and Ireland – couple that with Payroll Tax and it makes it very hard to compete on an even playing field.

Things need to change if WA stands any chance of being a competitive market over the next 50 years. I have two young girls and I want the outlook for them to be better.

I look forward to meeting you one day.

Bye for now,

Cian (Pronounced Key-In)

What I Stand For

Small to Medium Size Businesses are the lifeblood of the WA Economy. I believe they need to be given more help and a better business environment to succeed. Some of the Taxes that are imposed on are archaic (Eg. Payroll Tax) and actively give businesses a competitive disadvantage. 

We need to stop thinking that East Coast are our competitors. We are the only western state in the most populus time zone in the world – Our competitors are Singapore and Hong Kong. 

I am concerned that if you want to have a successful business that is not a spin-off of fossils fuels, you need to leave Perth. For example, Canva was founded in Perth in 2013. It’s now located in Sydney – Why did they make that move? What couldn’t WA provide?

I am very concerned about the plan (lack of) and speed of the transition from Fossil Fuels to Renewables and the potential loss of competitive advantage that we now currently enjoy – Environment is important of course but I am not a greeny, I am concerned about the decline in revenue for the state which will impact the quality of life for our kids. 

Mostly – I am concerned about the lack of big picture thinking and planning by the State Government. Maybe it’s a communication thing – but I have looked & I have spoken with the best people in WA and it’s lacking. 

Finally, I want to create a better future for my daughters in business and in life. I think a lot of the “solutions” out there surrounding gender equality at the moment are mere “patch-ups”. There are better ways. 

Actions speak louder than words – on a monthly basis my company buys as many days as possible of digital training for Aboriginal Communities & Leadership Training for Emerging Female Leaders in SEA – See below. 








~3000 Construction Companies go out of business every year in Australia and this figure is likely to be much higher in the years to come when the impact of COVID is actually felt.

The primary reason for this is the Contractual Hierarchy. The Principal (Government’s, Developers, Oil & Gas Companies etc) Contract to a Tier 1 Contractor. There will be lawyers on both sides of this agreement and risks are known.

The Tier 1 Contractor will then Subcontract most if not all of this work out to Tier 2’s (scaffolders, civil companies etc). These Contracts will be more hostile than the one they signed with the Principal (to cover themselves).

Unfortunately, the Tier 2’s don’t have and can’t afford the expertise which results in them signing contracts without fully understanding the risks.

Cian’s companies provide expertise to help these contractors to stay in business for a fraction of the cost of traditional legal/ commercial consultancies. 


Working remotely with flexible working hours is the way of the future and Western Australia is getting left behind.

These types of business open up a new talent pool of resources, creating happier employees and provides opportunities for a better life for people in remote areas.

Every time Cian’s company completes a “Contract Review” for its clients, it purchases 1 day of digital training for Aboriginal communities.

As part of its Operations meetings on a weekly basis, the team talks about “how many days of training we have contributed to” rather than just numbers. We find that it gives everyone a sense that what they are doing is making a real difference in the world.


Cian’s company is predominately female. There was no quota, no initiative – Just a better solution. Being a fully digital company with flexi-working hours meant that the BEST people turned out to be Women. Full stop, end of story.

Cian also implemented a policy of “equal mandatory child leave” for men and women meaning there is no archaic “you need to factor in maternity leave when hiring a woman” nonsense. It’s a fair playing field now and only the best people get the job regardless of gender.

Every time Cian’s company produces a “Variation or Extension of Time” for its clients, it purchases 1 day of Leadership Training for Emerging Female Leaders in SEA.


There is a weekly Group Ride on a Tuesday Morning sponsored by Quantum. 

  • Start Point is Subiaco Hotel
  • Fast Group departs at 5:30 AM
  • Getting Fast Group departs at 5:31 

Search the segment “Quantum Full Send” on Strava to find the loop. 

Many claim it’s the hardest Tuesday Morning group ride in Perth! 


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