Congrats - You made it behind the scenes!

The Best In The West is a brand new West Australian-only podcast where Cian Brennan interviews the best minds and talent that WA has to offer so we can create a better future for the state over the next 5, 10, 20+ years. 

If you’re a business owner, student/ employee or in State Government in Western Australia – This podcast is for you and will help you understand what is really going on in WA. 

If you’re not, we will be talking about West Australian-only problems, impacts and potential solutions only so there is a good chance it won’t be of interest. 

New Episode Schedule

There will be a brand new podcast ready for you every Wednesday Morning on all Podcast Platforms and Youtube. The episodes are roughly 30 mins in length (No one got time for a 2hr Joe Rogan Podcast)

What To Do Now

So that you don’t miss out here is what to do now:

1. If you like to Watch Videos Click the Youtube Icon or Instagram Icon and chuck us a subscribe/ follow. 

2. If you Like to ListenClick the Spotify, Itunes, or Google Podcast Icon and Subscribe

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